Innovative DRVAC drying on drum

Drum Drying

in the new version.

Roller drying is a well-known technology, but in our edition, it is a new discovery of its range of advantages. PAULA’s Ingredients Team is constantly working on the development of production processes and innovative technologies used in its plants. The time has come to share the new possibilities in roller drying with you, but in an innovative version – the DRVAC® process.

Main advantages

What makes this method so unique?

Short preparation time, higher energy efficiency.

Drum drying DRVAC® is characterised by the short preparation time of the finished product while maintaining a higher energy efficiency of the entire production process – ultimately translating into a favourable reduction of costs and thus the final price of the product.

  • the product is obtained without the support of carrier or with a lower amount of it
  • adaptation of finished products to individual needs
  • short final product preparation time
  • higher energy efficiency
  • intense colour, taste and smell of the product

Key differences

Advantages of the process

Drum dryers use a steam-heated cylinder from the inside, to which a thin layer (of uniform thickness) of moist raw material is applied on the outer chromium-plated surface, where it is then thoroughly dried and finally cut off by a properly fitted knife. By using the appropriate parameters of the vacuum chamber, we can obtain the expected properties of the final product so that it meets the specific needs of a given customer.

Experience and knowledge

What is the drum drying process?

Innovation, efficiency and reduction of production costs

1. Fresh fruit / vegetables


2. Rapid cold extraction


3. Drum drying


4. Slicing


5. Shredding and Fractionation


6. Finished product


Product advantages

We have prepared products that are 100% natural without the addition of any carrier. This is especially important for customers looking for ingredients with maximum potential – both in terms of quality and the possibility of nutritional / health facts on the packaging/label of their product.

When preparing what we offer and developing our technological facilities, we put the main emphasis on the current market needs and high requirements of our partners while analysing various data on market trends and their forecasts for the coming years.

▪ functional food
▪ fit / superfoods
▪ special-purpose food


▪ culinary products
▪ baby food
▪ cereals




▪ ice cream, desserts, drinks
▪ confectionery products
▪ processed meat / fish




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    Thanks to the unique drum drying method w get the best product in the form of powder and flakes:

    ▪ vegetable powders
    ▪ fruit powders
    ▪ powdered natural dyes