Pet food

Trends & Market needs

Innovations in Pet Food.

Pet owners increasingly show interest in pet food products similar to their human food. The presence of superfoods in pet meals and treats can easily capture attention of pet owners by creating healthy and wholesome connotations.

Young pet owners’ interest in natural and organic pet food is consistent with their own dietary preferences, a reflection of how human food trends continue to become more important to the pet food market.

Our best answer

The simplicity is the key. We have natural ingredients and clean composition, as well as claims in line with trends and the functional role of food for each of us. The foundation is the taste that gives pleasure to every palate!
  • Suitable for Vegan / Vegetarian
  • High in fibre / protein
  • With Superfoods
  • Gluten free
  • Easy & convenient to prepare
  • Dairy free
  • Lactose free
  • Organic / BIO
  • No added sugars

Greatest growth opportunities for pet food

The pet food market continues to grow at a slow, steady pace, driven by premiumization and treating as pet owners look to give their pets, increasingly viewed as cherished members of the family, the best.

There is further scope for pet food brands to maximise the power
of all-natural formulations.

MIRVAC - Technology from which everything will start
modern -> safe -> effective

Ingredients proposal

Snacks for pet
Wet feed
Dry feed


Carrot (vegetable powders)
HVP with Smoked Ham Flavour
Parsnip (dried fermented vegetables)
(SD hydrolyzed vegetable protein)

Bowl with pet food and natural products on wooden background


Green Pea (dried vegetables)
HVP with Beef Flavour
(SD hydrolyzed vegetable protein)

Composition with pet food and different products on wooden background


Onion (dried vegetable powders)
Black Eyed Bean (dried vegetables)
HVP with Bacon Flavour
(SD hydrolyzed vegetable protein)

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