Spray drying; mixes production

On natural ingredients

The right proportions. A variety of flavour compositions.

They are created according to original recipes, mostly based on our proven, natural ingredients that improve the taste, aroma and attractiveness of the final product. A tailor-made individual recipe can also be created for the customer (e.g. with functional ingredients such as protein products with added protein).

Main advantages

How to recognise a good mixture?

Details matter.

We produce all mixtures from high-quality, tested, dried natural food ingredients by carefully selecting their proper proportions to obtain the best results and values of taste, appearance or smell.

  • based on natural ingredients
  • varied taste and aroma
  • extensive possibilities to create new recipes
  • special components make the product more attractive
  • composition of blends based on original recipes
  • option to create an individual recipe or use functional ingredients

All You need

What versions of dried mixes do we offer?

From several of the most popular flavour variants in the standard offer, to any blends made to order.


The current offer of mixes

The best products available in our standard offer. Are you looking for a different flavour? No problem! Send your request to our team.
  • Broth

  • Vegetable mix

  • Fruit / vegetable powder

  • Yeast extract different flavours

  • HVP flavour

Any questions about mixes?

Email us! Our specialists will provide you with all the information you need.

    Need some inspiration?

    You can always rely on our experience and creative approach. Send us an email to info@PAULAingredients.com or fill in the contact form today.

    Mixes are a perfect ingredient of the category, which includes

    ▪ additives for meat ▪ delicatessen goods
    ▪ pâtés ▪ additives for sausages
    ▪ instant products ▪ ready meals