The best methods of drying natural food ingredients

Roasted, ground or in the form of flour

A great alternative to traditional flour desired by consumers.

Fully natural substitutes for gluten flours as well as excellent natural thickeners. They can be used in instant and cooking products. Moreover, legume flour is a very rich source of protein which can be communicated in the final product on the store shelf.

Main advantages

Why is it worth choosing instant types of legume flour?

The future of your category.

An increasing number of consumers are looking for valuable, safe (including allergen-free) alternatives to classic flour, and these products are currently the best answer to their needs.

  • wide use of raw materials
  • no additives or carriers
  • thick, homogeneous texture after preparation
  • velvety texture effect

Experience and knowledge

How is instant flour produced?

A multi-step, advanced process to get the best out of them.

1. Legumes


2. Cleaning


3. Roasting


4. Cooling


5. Grinding


6. Finished product

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