We have been working in the drying business for decades.

We PRODUCE DRIED NATURAL FOOD INGREDIENTS from fruit, vegetables and cheese. Our team creates functional foods and sets new trends in the final applications available to every consumer.

We export high-quality natural food ingredients to 36 countries in 4 continents.

We listen. We analyze.
We adapt. We support.

Where there is a will and a passion, there is a way. We are here to create new, natural and functional food product’s solution – tasty and healthy. Just good to eat, any time. The greatest success for us is the success of our Partners.

Where there's a will, there's a way.

We are constantly developing and following the dynamic market changes and the expectations of our partners. All our activities are implemented in accordance with the best principles of design thinking. We create innovative products and services, based on a comprehensive understanding of the problems and needs of our trade partners.

The rebranding process, which PAULA Ingredients underwent in 2019, also served as an impulse to improve the organisation of our work and focus creative energy and cooperation between teams on effects in the form of innovative end products. Thanks to our extensive experience, we develop them from the initial idea to the implementation of the final concept through a unique recipe that will win numerous consumers on the market.

Team of specialists

PAULA Ingredients is primarily a team of people with passion and the right attitude, which guarantees customer satisfaction as well as trust. The close cooperation of qualified and experienced professionals in many fields allows us to create products using modern technologies and to provide unique ingredients for food production.

The effects of our work are characterised by innovation, a variety of inspirations and what is very important the effective use of global trends in the food industry. In our daily work, we are guided by the principles of social ethics, and act in accordance with corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Agnieszka Walczyńska

Sales Operation Manager

Rafał Bator

General Manager
(Parzew factory)

Maciej Roliński

Chief Executive Officer

Monika Przyjemska

Quality Department Manager

Leszek Nowicki

R&D Manager

Klaudia Strojwąs

Marketing Manager

Maciej Wysocki

Production Manager (Kalisz)

Jacek Krzaczkowski

Production Manager (Parzew)

Wiesław Ludwiczak

Chief Financial Officer

Anna Banaszak

Chief Accountant

Joanna Prus Szewczyk

Purchasing Coordinator

Katarzyna Kuźniacka

HR Manager