Spray drying

Famous flavors in a new form

Universal and efficient.

Additives in the form of loose powder are created in spray-drying technology based on a maltodextrin carrier e.g. fruit vinegar powder, mustard powder, honey powder (dried honey) and dried lactic acid.

Main advantages

What are the benefits of turning ingredients into powders?

Convenience. Performance. Unlimited possibilities.

The drying process of some ingredients from a liquid or semi-liquid form to a powdered form opens up new possibilities for their application to food producers. An additional innovation is the conversion of their powdered form into granules, thanks to the modern granule production process.

  • additives in the form of loose carrier-based powder
  • products microbiologically stable
  • efficient
  • easier to store than liquid equivalents

All You need

What versions of natural additives do we offer?

A variety of products, both in the form of powder and granules.




The current offer of other ingredients

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  • Apple-spirit vinegar

  • Honey powder

  • Lactic acid

  • Mustard

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    ▪ additives for meat / sausages ▪ instant products
    ▪ ready meals ▪ bakery products ▪ pâtés ▪ soft drinks