The best methods of drying natural food ingredients

Perfectly matched proportions

Broad range of variants.

Dedicated to selected needs, the mixes are made from a combination of different raw materials, thus creating a new finished product (e.g. vegetable broth based on natural ingredients, flavoured hydrolysates and yeast extracts, completely new compositions or those ordered by customers).

Main advantages

How are our mixtures made?

Knowledge, experience, creativity.

They are made according to the original ideas – individual recipes
of our clients or new compositions and flavours which are developed in cooperation with our R&D department drawing on our knowledge from many years of experience and work on various projects.

  • short mix preparation time
  • unlimited range of raw material compositions
  • possibility of adding functional ingredients
    e.g. protein products with added protein
  • service of mixing for customer needs

Experience and knowledge

How are the mixtures produced?

An idea, the right proportions and experience.

1. Dry ingredients


2. Weighting


3. Mixing


4. Finished product

Do you have any questions about production process?

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    Need some inspiration?

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    Thanks to this method, we get the best:

    ▪ mixes of vegetables
    ▪ mixes of fruit
    ▪ dried yeast extract
    ▪ hydrolysed vegetable protein