The best methods of drying natural food ingredients

Technology from which everything will start

An innovative method of drying developed by PAULA Ingredients technologists.

A unique drying technology that brings extraordinary results in an exceptionally short time and low (but, most importantly, positive) temperature of, among others, fruit and vegetables. It allows a very high level of nutritional value in the final product to be maintained. Dried products regain their natural texture, taste and smell in the rehydration process, depending on the raw materials used.

Main advantages

Why should we choose MIRVAC® technology?

Above-standard quality.

The final products are considered by customers to be among the best on the global market – in many respects, they definitely stand out from other methods such as freeze-drying or traditional drying.

  • stable final product structure
  • wide range of shapes and fractions
  • microbiologically clean products
  • low bulk density of dried fruit and vegetables
  • adaptation to individual customer needs
  • unique technology on global scale

Experience and knowledge

What is the unique MIRVAC® microwave vacuum drying process?

Approach, modern machinery park, properly selected parameters, experience.

1. Fruit / Vegetables

fresh or freeze

2. Washing and cleaning

+ cutting and preparation

3. Air drying


4. MIRVAC® Drying


5. Final drying


6. Finished product

9 facts, worth remembering

Development is a continuous searching.

From the very beginning, when the idea for MIRVAC® technology was born, we set ourselves the goal of developing a drying method that would transform traditional products into even better ones – the ones that consumers expect in the finished products of our partners.


Microbiologically clean water, thanks to the use of a vacuum in the drying technology, boils as low as at 20’C, which makes it possible to effectively eliminate microorganisms.


Verified for years by experience and numerous audits. Controlled at every stage of production, from the raw material to the final goods.


The drying process is the shortest from those applied on the industrial scale – it takes only 2-3 hours. It allows healthy products to be obtained, of high quality and very good flavour.


Drying in low, but positive temperatures which are not used in any other drying method.


As compared to the freeze drying technology, the more advanced and modern MIRVAC® technology allows you to get: better taste, appearance, texture, crispness and natural & long-lasting colour corresponding to fresh fruit or vegetables.


It allows very high levels of ingredients and the nutrients (e.g. fibre) to be maintained.


It create products containing healthy ingredients / components e.g. vitamins, minerals, or fibre in quantities significantly higher than the raw materials used for production (fresh vegetables and fruit). Additionally, by combining selected MIRVAC® products with probiotics, we obtain synbiotics.


Used by clients in 36 countries worldwide, enjoying great popularity and recognized due to its advantages.


Starting from a time of strict quality inspections of the raw material, also in the scope of pesticides, and at the end of the process, for conformity to even more detailed parameters. The tests are conducted in our internal, modern laboratories and in independent, accredited laboratories.

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    Thanks to the unique MIRVAC® drying, we get the best:

    ▪ dried vegetables
    ▪ dried fruit
    ▪ dried cheese
    ▪ superfoods

    MIRVAC® with infusion

    Real, unique superfruits.

    The method consists of enriching the final product with high-quality functional ingredients (such as fibre, inulin, vitamins, concentrated juices or honey) to give it specific properties and increase its nutritional value.

    Thanks to this, the finished products have a diverse form, crispiness and texture, can be tailored to the individual needs of our customers while having a wide range of applications.