Technology for the production of instant flours

Natural thickeners, wider use.

From the best legumes.

Made without additives or carriers, they are fully natural substitutes for flours containing gluten. They are currently very popular with consumers because they do not require cooking, they easily bind water and can, therefore, be widely used in the food industry. An additional advantage is their use as an ingredient of hummus (natural or flavoured).

Main advantages

What do customers appreciate legume types of flour for?

An innovative and trendy solution.

They are one of the natural ingredients that are currently among the main trends in the food industry. The rediscovery of the various properties of instant types of flour and the expansion of their use additionally increase their popularity among consumers.

  • 100% natural substitutes for gluten-containing flours
  • thickeners made without additives and carriers
  • perfect for instant products and cooking
  • velvety texture effect
  • high vegetable-protein content
  • also used as an ingredient of hummus

All You need

What fractions of dried legume flours do we offer?

100% quality guarantee.


The current offer of legume flours

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  • Chickpea flour

  • Green pea flour

  • Red lentils flour

  • Rice flour

  • White bean flour

  • Yellow pea flour

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    Legume flours are a perfect ingredient of the category, which includes:

    ▪ additives for meat / sausages ▪ instant soups / sauces ▪ ready meals ▪ bakery products ▪ pâtés / hummus ▪ sauces / dressings ▪ delicatessen goods ▪ pet food ▪ snacks