The best methods of drying natural food ingredients

High-quality powders and granulates

The technology of drying fruit and vegetables, proven over many years.

This makes it possible to obtain microbiologically clean and easy-to-apply powdered products produced from liquid thickened juice, concentrate or other “wet” raw materials. Solutions are sprayed by means of a spray disk, while drying is effected by immediate evaporation of water with the use of hot air. The final product is microencapsulated so that it releases its aroma only after having water poured on it – which is its great advantage.

Main advantages

Can spray-drying products be premium products?

Yes, thanks to what we additionally offer.

Nozzle spray drying gives a product with better structure and powder friability and increased solubility in cold solutions. This is the perfect solution for demanding customers.

  • microencapsulated products
  • microbiologically pure powders and granules
  • wide use of raw materials
  • a wide range of products
  • the possibility of using nozzles (premium option)

Experience and knowledge

What is the spray-drying process?

The best ingredients, appropriate process parameters, care for quality.

1. Liquid concentrate / extract


2. Carrier


3. Blending


4. Pasteurization


5. Spray drying


6. Finished product

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    Thanks to spray-drying method, we get the best:

    ▪ colourants dyes ▪ dried vegetables and spice extracts ▪ dried yeast extract ▪ fruit powders ▪ hydrolysed vegetable protein
    ▪ mixes ▪ other ingredients ▪ vegetable powders