Spray drying; mixes production

Additional flavour and aroma enhancement.

Universal use. A wide variety of flavour compositions.

Used in food production as an aroma and taste enhancer. The underlying yeast extract brings a characteristic meaty note to the dishes, while its aromatic equivalents (available on request) can also enrich the product with other flavours – depending on needs – such as chicken or forest mushrooms.

Main advantages

It adds flavour

Efficient solution for the food industry

High-quality products, resulting from the spray drying technology and the mixture production process. A completely safe and very efficient product enhancing the main features of the finished product (taste and smell).

  • natural alternative / substitute for sodium glutamate
  • an excellent flavour and aroma enhancer
  • no additives
  • wide range of applications in food industry

All You need

What versions of dried yeast extracts do we offer?

From the "pure" version to various flavour and aroma compositions (on request).


pure extract


flavour extracts

The current offer of yeast extracts

The best products available in our standard offer. Are you looking for a different flavour? No problem! Send your request to our team.
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    Dried yeast extract are a perfect ingredient of the category, which includes

    ▪ additives for meat ▪ dressings ▪ instant sauces
    ▪ bakery products ▪ fish products ▪ pâtés
    ▪ delicatessen goods ▪ instant products ▪ ready meals