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For our partners, we provide services for drying raw materials on several specialised production lines, and the services covering all stages of the finished product preparation.

We provide the drying service on the basis of an individual agreement with the client, always delivering crispy premium quality products, with natural looks, intensive aroma and the flavour of fresh fruit / vegetables, and easy in dispensing. Microwave-vacuum drying, unique on a global scale, was developed by PAULA Ingredients’ team of technologists.


We use this technology to dry various types of concentrates, aromas, pureé, extracts, to the form of powder. We also offer the service of drying products in the spray technology with the use of nozzles, which makes it possible to obtain higher quality products which are more soluble in cold liquids.


A drying technology which is widely used for liquids, gels and pastes. The result of the process is products in the form of flakes or powder. An additional advantage of this method is the possibility of drying raw materials without the use of additional carriers.


Special transformation of powdered products / flour into granules of various sizes. Granulated products do not change their properties, such as flavour and colour. Their advantage is the possibility of using them in applications in which the powdered form cannot be used (e.g. teabags).


We prepare mixtures from loose products from external and our own raw materials. They are made according to the original ideas – individual recipes of our clients or new compositions and flavours which are developed in cooperation with our R&D department.


Food producers and distributors are offered packaging services for loose food products in various forms. We offer system solutions for the packaging process and always adapt the scope of our services to the client’s needs.


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    Are you looking for a comprehensive solution?

    PREMIUM design service.

    Our complete service can cover all of the key stages: recipe preparation, technical facilities (including also product implementation), technological advice and support in the field of labelling and packaging.