The best methods of drying natural food ingredients

In a more convenient, faster and more modern way.

Exceeding expectations.

The products have a solid and uniform texture for a long time, retain the taste of the cooked raw material and are not sticky. The application of various parameters of the process allows the final product to be adjusted to the customer’s needs in terms of hardness, viscosity and rehydration time.

Main advantages

What are the possibilities we gain thanks to instant rice and groats?

A key time-saving opportunity.

They are more and more often chosen by the best culinary brands as their use allows for the creation of modern Ready To Go and Easy & Quick products.

  • low bulk density
  • rapid rehydration
  • possibility of customising the parameters to the customer’s requirements
  • not sticky

Experience and knowledge

How are instant rice and groats produced?


1. Cooking


2. Cooling


3. Freezing


4. Defrosting


5. Drying


6. Finished product

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    Thanks to this method, we get the best:

    ▪ instant rice
    ▪ instant groats