The aspirations of the current generation and our shared vision of the future.

It is precisely today that we are creating the future together.

Natural resources used by humankind are not limitless, so the desire to leave the next generation a clean environment is both our mission and our duty. We want to improve and protect what matters most through our green actions and sustainable processes. We sincerely believe that our little contribution will prove to be a great success in the future.

As a responsible organization, we comply with legal requirements and rationally use what nature has given us. Above all, however, we improve what is already working properly by implementing further innovative solutions.


Plain facts are what counts for nature

Year after year, we optimize our production processes in such a way as to pay special attention to saving water and electricity. While improving our operations, we are constantly investing additional funds in more and more modern technologies. The actions recently undertaken for sustainable development include:

Our own photovoltaic system

 reduction in CO2 emissions by 41,162 kg/year

Complete replacement of external lighting

a reduction in CO2 emissions by 5,762 kg/year

Improving heat recovery

a reduction in CO2 emissions by 170,576 kg/year

In 2020, in our plant, as much as 32.69%

of the energy used came from renewable sources (in Kalisz)

2000W less lighting power

reduction of CO2 emissions by 7,432 kg/year

As much as 85% of all light sources in LED technology

thanks to a regular replacement plan

Everyday activities translate into effects

What else are we practicing?

When thinking about sustainability, we must not forget the impact on the surrounding environment, so we take a broad look at various issues to find solutions that create synergies between production needs and the company’s sustainable development.


So far, we have implemented several good practices in both our production plants. This is not the end of our pro-ecological activities, as we have prepared another sustainable development plan for 2022-2024.

Ambitious for the future

TIMELINE PLANS FOR 2021-2022 and beyond

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